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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post MekaWars: GunTactyx2

You may know that MekaWars, the game currently in a heavy development, is a spin-off of Gun-Tactyx (my CROBOTS-like QUAKE3-style programming-game) and long before of JRobots (my Java CROBOTS-like game with online tournaments). You also may know that I planned long ago a sequel to Gun-Tactyx, that is GUN TACTYX 2.

The occasion to develop MekaWars has delayed the GUN TACTYX 2 development a lot, but all the code behind MekaWars can be applied to GT2 as well. Effectively, if you look at the 2D viewer of the recent MekaWars preview (MekaWars.zip), you can imagine that those dots may represent different kind of objects other than space-fighters and space-harvesters. This means that a lot of code will be easily recycled.
Thus in GUN TACTYX 2 the units are not fighters and harvesters, but soldiers. The enviromnent is not outer space, but indoor or outdoor spaces. The players will program the AI of their team of specialists, each with his own different weapon, and watch them fight against soldiers whose AI was written by other players. Much more complex than MekaWars is, because of the articulated environment, but also worth a try and very beautiful to see.
It's a long way to GUN TACTYX 2 yet, but the programming behind MekaWars will help a lot even in this challenging environment.

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