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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Post MekaWars: City Racing

If you have read the last posts, you know that MekaWars is currently in a heavy development phase. You can also discover the concept behind MekaWars playing with the recent preview (MekaWars.zip).
MekaWars is a game set up in a outer space environment, but the genre of "programming-games" can be obviously applied to worlds subject to other rules. For example, let's consider a few long waited APOCALYX demos starting from City Racing.

In City Racing, the units are not fighters and harvesters, like in MekaWars, but racing cars. The enviromnent is not outer space, but the streets of a town. The players will program the AI of their pilots and watch them race against pilots written by other players. Not as tricky as MekaWars is, but since the pilots' management is simpler and the action more fast paced, the game may result even more involving.
It's a long way to City Racing yet, but the programming behind MekaWars will help a lot even in a so different environment.


Addicting Games said...

I hope this MekaWars project can be develop real quick so that it can help more on creating Download Games in the internet.

Leonardo said...

Well, the game has been in development for a year now... Is it quick enough? ;)