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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Unicode fonts

Another quite hidden feature of APOCALYX is the support of UNICODE true type fonts.

You can find a demo showing how to display UNICODE true type fonts in "UnicodeTrueTypeFonts.lua" included in DemoPack2.
As you can see in the screenshot, after a true type font has been loaded in the engine, there are several different ways to use it to display texts. This feature is brought to you thanks to the FTGL and OGLFT libraires included in the engine.


Aubidaded said...

Wow I love the oppurtunity that we have now a days to pick and choose where we want to go from visually seeing everything on the web! I mean I am quite new to the whole blogging game, but its really fun and interesting! I mean look at what we run into?!?
Blogs like these that I just have to comment on! :)
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Leonardo said...

I'm happy to hear that. Feel free to comment every time you want :)