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Thursday, January 15, 2009

MekaWars' Galaxy

MekaWars Offline will feature a strategic map like the one you can see below.

MekaWars' strategic map

Each player has got a sector to manage, separated from other players by neutral sectors.
A fleet can travel from sector to sector through hyperjumps, because travels among stellar systems needs too time being performed at sub-light speeds.
A fleet can jump in a neutral sector only if no more than two fleets are already there (well, one can jump, but it's almost sure that the fleet will appear too near to the star to survive).
Then there are three possibilities: if no fleet is there, the harvesters can freely work to collect resources (the usual iron, silicon and uranium) to research and produce new devices, units and ship modules; if there is a friendly fleet that is already harvesting, the cargos can commerce exchanging materials; finally, if there is an enemy fleet, a battle could take place.
A new kind of battles, different from the usual ones described in past posts and shown in the demo, will be available, but let's discuss it in one of the next posts.
Different rules apply when a fleet enters the sector where the base of a player is located: only one enemy fleet at a time can enter and enough time since the last attack must have passed.
Just an additional note about resources: asteroids rich in uranium (useful to produce energy) will be more frequent near the center of the galaxy, the silicon (useful to build devices) will have an higher density along the border, while iron (necessary to build any kind of structure) will be located more frequently in between.

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