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Friday, January 16, 2009

MekaWars' stellar systems

Yesterday I talked about the Galaxy. Today is the time of stellar systems.

The star, one planet with a moon
and a fleet exiting the hyperspace

Each sector of the Galaxy contains a stellar system. The prototype of the system is given by a star, with several planets, each with its moons.
The asteroids rich of resources will be located in that environment, so the units must scan the space to avoid the star, planets and moons and look for asteroids or enemy units.
I already told of a different combat system. One of the differences is: once a unit (fighter, harvester, exoskeleton etc.) is destroyed its deviced will be available as wreckage, after the explosion. Special units will look for that wreckage to collect it and bring it to the fleet hulls. Then such devices will be used to assemble other units or sold to other players.
Some ship will mount research modules and factory modules to build units, but collecting devices from enemy players will save a lot of energy and resources.

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