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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MekaWars' simulator

Almost three months have passed since the last post. I was quite busy and it was impossible for me to publish the promised daily post.
However recently I've found some spare time to spend and I used it to continue the development of MekaWars Offline. In particular I have successfully ported the already working Lua simulator to C++, so very large starship battles are going to be possible.
The port wasn't very difficult, because the Lua code was already object oriented, and the final result is more mantainable and error proof.

CodeBlocks & Borland C++ at work
to compile the MekaWars simulator

As you may know, MekaWars Offline is a project different from MekaWars Online. In fact, the latter is going to be played online among a large number of users, who are going to manage their empire like in other browser games, but its core will be the battle simulator of MekaWars Offline. This one will be more similar to a mixture of JRobots and Gun-Tactyx (where the players are only going to share the algorithms of their bots), as I'm going to describe in the next posts.

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