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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Andrea Orioli's models

Yesterday I forgot to mention the other models shown in the MekaWars' trailer. They are the well known vehicles already used in Hoverjet Racing.

They come from an Andrea Orioli's old project known as Black Chaos, a clone of the old Wipeout 2097. He kindly gave the permission to use them in Hoverjet Racing and I find them so good that I use to include them as placeholders also in other projects.
Being a high-level graphic designer, Andrea finds those models obsolete, in fact after those first attempts he designed more advanced models for the same project and developed also professional models for commercial games. If you are interested, visit the Andrea Orioli's online portfolio.

Above you can see the new version of the Black Chaos vehicles, while below you can see some very suggestive buildings taken from the scenery where Black Chaos races had to take place.

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