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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RPG Inventory preview

Yesterday I received a new demo by Nout, the author of the NsEditor, the editor/framework for APOCALYX.
You may know that the NsEditor includes great tools to write Lua scripts, manage game resources and edit the game world directly into the 3D scene. These powerful features apart, NsEditor includes also a framework plenty of ready-to-use entities to populate your demos and games written for the APOCALYX 3D Engine.
The demo I received from Nout is a preview of the Inventory entity, a kind of object very useful in RPG games.

As you can see in the screenshot, several objects are shown in a grid. What you can't see is that the objects in the grid are animated, the objects zoom out when selected, the number of items increases, a personalized message appears on the bottom and... the intentory-voice reads that message! Yes, Nout's Inventory is the single most complete piece of software ever written for APOCALYX, in fact it makes use of several different libraries at once. As usual, Nout made a great job!

In the screenshot above you can see another zoomed item, while in the one below you can see the selection dialog, where the player can select different attitudes for the same item.

I hope that a demo of the inventory will become publically available very soon, so everyone will be able to test the powerful and versatile features of this new NsEditor's entity.

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