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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MekaWars' models

Yesterday I talked about the basic viewer of the MekaWars' simulator and someone asked about the models shown in the game trailer's screenshots.
As usual they come from free packages available on the internet, but they are only placeholders for the real original models, of course. They were taken from TurboSquid, the famous 3D models repository.

There are several lowpoly models representing cargos, spacefigthers and even a space station. They fit quite well in the current line of development of the game, but I need more models to distinguish the different races and technologies.

In the same package, several ground buildings are also included, such as a landing dock, a graving dock and a barrack. They are shown in the trailer's screenshots, but those structures are not needed by the current design of the game, since it takes place in outer space only, around a few asteroids.

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