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Saturday, August 30, 2008

MekaWars' blueprints (II)

Yesterday I briefly described some of the devices installed on MekaWars harvesters. Today I consider fighters and bombers.
Since this kind of vehicle is used mainly for combat, you may expect that weapons play a major role in their equipment: that's right, of course.

The basic devices, such as the generator, the radar, the engine and the hull, are also available, but there are additional ones.
For example, the shield is very important, since it can protect the vehicle, when it is activated. Then there is the hiding device, that removes the vehicle from the enemies' radar screens. There is also the disguising device, that reveals the unit as another one, weaker or frindly, to enemy probes.
Finally there are the weapons: cannons, missile launchers and torpedo tubes. The differences among these kind of weapons will be discussed in a future post (for example, what have torpedoes to do with outer space?). Let's say only that cannon balls, missiles and torpedoes are different in their reactions to the surrounding environment.
As a final consideration, one may ask, shields apart, if any countermeasure is available to defend vehicles from attacks. First of all, there is the sonar (uh!? What has the "sonar" to do with outer space?), that is very useful to detect incoming missiles, and also false targets to confuse the enemies' sensors.

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