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Sunday, August 17, 2008

MekaWars' spaceships

After a few MekaWars' screenshots, let's talk a little about it.
MekaWars is a game in development of the "programming games" genre, those games like Jrobots, where the players program the AI of their team of bots and then watch them fight against teams written by other players.
The environment of MekaWars is outer space, so you can expect fights among bombers, robots and spaceships.
Here I briefly describe the constructible ships system. Every player will be able to build his fleet starting from a given number of resources. Fighters, bombers and robots apart, that are fixed in their structure except for the installable devices, the players are going to build their spaceships from a defined number of modules, like those depicted below.

Each module has its own role and characteristics. For example, the battery installs cannons, the hangar and the deck hold fighters and bombers, the generator produces energy, the hold stores resources and so on. Since the modules are octagonal in shape, there are several possibilities to connect them in different ways.
Assembling the modules, the players can build specialized ship classes. Here you can see just a few examples.

This battleship connects 3 batteries and 2 engines, because the weight of the modules may require a lot of kinetic power.

This carrier alternates hangars, that store fighters, bombers and robots, and decks from which the vehicles lift off.

This heavy transport requires 3 engines, a powerful generator and carries several holds full of resources.
Other assemblies are possible, of course, and the players are going to build their fleets according to their preferred tactics and strategies.

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