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Friday, August 29, 2008

MekaWars' blueprints

Some days ago I described the structure of the MekaWars spacechips and the modules they are made of.
In the game there are also units made of a single piece, like a lone module, but their internal structure is also complex. In fact the vehicles, such as cargos, fighters and bombers, even if they are shown as one-block models, possess a hidden organization, visible only to the simulator.

Let's consider, for example, the structure of the harvesters. These vehicles are sent around the asteroids to collect resources and dust of several materials, such as iron, silicon and uranium. When the charge is complete, they return to the spaceships to fill their holds.
Such vehicles possess the harvester, properly called (the device uses to collect resources), that is connected to a tank. As in other vehicles, there is also a generator to which all the devices that need energy are connected , like the radar, the detector and the engine. Each of these devices is described by several properties and interacts with the environment that surrounds the vehicle. Finally, the hull intercepts the damages and is responsible for the integrity of the vehicle.
Fighters and bombers show a similar structure, but in that case other devices are more important, such as cannons and shields.
A simulator so detailed may seem too complex at a first sight, but the inner workings are not explicitly visible to the player, while the variety of behaviors and the combination of different structures open the possibility to a variety of personalizations.

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