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Saturday, April 19, 2008

BSP performances (II)

Yesterday I promised a comparison between APOCALYX and Ogre about the rendering of Quake3 BSP levels. I tested a level taken from the Ogre demos, that you can see below, and the result is surprising: while Irrlicht and APOCALYX behave almost the same, Ogre is much slower! Ogre got only 61 frames per second against 213 using the same configuration (same resolution and no vertical sync enabled in both cases).
The result may be surprising, but you must consider that Ogre renders some animated textures that APOCALYX ignores. The differences are evident in the screenshots.
Ogre is more than three times slower, but the scene looks much better. In conclusion, it's time to improve the BSP support of APOCALYX, trying to keep it fast, of course.

Ogre above, APOCALYX below


Robert said...

any thoughts on getting a water mark done for apocalyx so you can put this water mark in your screenshots?

perhaps a watermark depicting a mushroom cloud with APOC written on it?

Leonardo said...

Effectively, comparing the screenshots from Ogre and APOCALYX, I felt that something was missing: a watermark!
The mushroom cloud is a great idea. I'll add it to my next demos. Thank you!