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Monday, April 21, 2008

Wrokdam, the gladiator

In the last posts I always talked about MD2 and MDL model formats, even BSP level format, but never about MD3 models. They were the main source for my first demos and also the first version of GUN TACTYX was based upon such a kind of model: Wrokdam.
To celebrate the format I'll publish here the Wrokdam's story, that is also the background of GUN-TACTYX. Now another story is necessary for GUN-TACTYX-2, but before the poll between "The Trenches" or "The Specialists" models must be closed: You have still a few days to vote.

WROKDAM by Grant Struthers

Wrokdam Von Gadmoore was a legendary arena gladiator in his time. He had no greater love than the glory of combat and spent his entire life shaping his body and mind into the perfect weapon. Tragically, a warrior's prime fades quickly.
Wrokdam could feel the years catching up and it infuriated him. He swore he would never allow weakness to prevail even if his body betrayed him. He decided to combat death itself through the use of cybernetics and began replacing parts of his body he felt had grown too weak to be useful in battle. He thought he had found true immortality. He was terribly mistaken.
As time passed, Wrokdam slowly slipped into madness. His mind could not endure the time his new body could and he soon lost himself to the machine.
Now the monster known as Wrokdam wanders the world in search of combat and no one knows if any part of his soul still lives.

THE STORY SO FAR... by Leonardo Boselli

In a few decades people lost memory of Wrokdam and his past glory faded away. The cyber-gladiator's story became a legend known only by the oldest arena warriors, until Wrokdam was found still fighting in a provincial arena on a far planet at the border of the Empire.
A young researcher of ZYX Corporation apprehended the military application of a body so highly trained for combat, so the mad warrior was captured and transferred to a gun-fight training area known as GUN-TACTYX.
The researcher discovered that Wrokdam's body could become the perfect combat machine, but his brain was too weak, slow and mad to drive effectively his powerful devices. A hard decision was taken and an artificial brain was installed in place of Wrokdam's carbon-based one. Then his body was cloned hundreds of time to form teams of clones fighting each other to pick out the perfect warrior through natural selection.
Only one thing lacks to make Wrokdam the strongest arena gladiator of every time: The best gun-fighting algorithm for his artificial brain!

GUN-TACTYX: Now it's your play!

The reader may ask where Wrokdam's original brain is now, but the answer is obvious if you know that ZYX Corporation's philosophy is: "Throw Away Nothing".
Wrokdam's brain is now employed as a consultant at ZYX Corporation and mainly keeps up running commentary of the fights among the clones taking place in the arenas of the GUN-TACTYX area. His deep experience in gun tactics is very useful to the developers that tune up the fighting algorithms.
I don't know if he is really dissatisfied with his new condition, but I'm sure that he is a little envious of those artificially brained fighters that resemble the aspect of a warrior once know as Wrokdam: A legendary arena gladiator in his time.

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