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Friday, April 18, 2008

BSP performances

From time to time, occasional users of the engine say: your engine is interesting, but in rendering Quake3 BSP maps it is slower than Irrlicht, Ogre, or... (put here your preferred open source engine). Then I discover that occasional user has compared different maps, in different situations. A typical mistake of unexperienced users: a comparison between the Irrlicht "Quake3Map.exe" demo at the default resolution (640x480) and my "BSPLevel.lua" at 1024x768!

So, in conclusion, is APOCALYX really slower than Irrlicht in rendering BSP levels? Below you can see two screenshots of the same level from above (taken from the Irrlicht demos). In the same conditions, the utility "Fraps" reports almost the same frame rate.

In the next days, I'll make the same comparison between APOCALYX and Ogre. I need just the time to extract a BSP level from the Ogre demos.

Irrlicht above, APOCALYX below

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