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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Soccer mode in GUN TACTYX

The few core players of GUN TACTYX remember for sure the interesting soccer mode of the game. In soccer mode, Wrokdam, the cyborg whose brain is programmed by the players, does not shoot bullets or grenades, but runs on a field and hits a ball towards the enemy goal, so… it plays soccer.
Only a few players succeeded in developing interesting teams tailored for soccer mode. Those teams were mainly RobyBaggio, VanHimst, Zidane2x2. It’s amusing to see those strange cyborgs follow the ball to push it, but also it’s surprising to see the intelligent-like behaviors programmed in a few script lines.
Now I have found some good MDL models performing soccer players (see the picture above) taken from the “International Online Soccer” MOD for Half-Life 1. I’ve asked for permission to use that model in my game, so it’s not impossible that even GUN TACTYX 2 is going to include a soccer mode. Start to tune your soccer tactics!

In the picture, the “RobyBaggio” team of
Wrokdam players is going to score a goal.

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