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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Low-poly vs High-poly (POLL)

It's time for a poll. My final choice for the models featured in the next to come GUN TACTYX 2 game falls between the two presented here:
The Trenches ------ The Specialists

The one on the left is a quite low-poly WW1 german soldier from "The Trenches" MOD for Half-life 1, while the other is the Legionnaire that comes from "The Specialists" MOD always for Half-life 1, both wearing a gas mask in the picture.

The choice will influence the design of the game:

  • In the first case (The Trenches) the game will include two platoons (british and german) of twelve soldiers each with two weapons: rifles with bayonet and grenades. The best environment for this choice is probably an open ground with trenches. Here the management of the team is going to be more complex, because a lot of mates are around.
  • In the second case (The Specialists) will be available four team of three soldiers each with several weapons: rifles, machine guns, berettas and grenades. Here the best environment is probably an in-door maze and the main difficulty will be the management of the single unit, because of the high number of animations and weapons available.

Being an important choice for the game, I ask for suggestions: it's not only a matter of model, but also of design. In the poll on the right, you can choose the model and the design that you prefer.
GUN TACTYX 2: Now it's your play!

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