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Sunday, July 27, 2008

APOCALYX 0.9.3 alpha3

Yesterday I posted a link about the new preview of the next release of the engine (download the new executable here)
Apart the bug related to eSpeak that I discussed yesterday, the preview includes some improvements as listed in the history document:
  • Added MDLModel functions: setTransition(), setTransitionTimer(), getStoppedTransition()
  • Added IM (Imaging Toolkit) support in IUP GUI
  • Added primitives: Cylinder, Disk, PartialDisk, Sphere
  • Added setPointerVisible(), isPointerVisible()
  • Fixed bug in collisions between ODE objects and BSP geometry
  • Added support for SQLite and MySQL databases
  • Removed AngelScript, SMALL and CSL language support
These are only some of the improvements fully available when the next release will be published.
For any question, feel free to post on the forums.

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