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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mushroom model

I need a model for Mushroom's Ride, but it seems that mushrooms does not inspire any builder of free 3D models, in fact I look everywhere on the internet but I coundn't find any simple or complex mushroom model. So I had to show my poor modelling capabilities and you can see my very schematic result in the screenshot below.

Years ago I have been working for some time as a technical drawer on AutoCAD. Even if I possess some practice, I can't find any modelling program that is enough intuitive and easy to use (to me), probably because I have very little practice in 3D drawings.
The modeller that I find most difficult and disorienting is Blender: I regurarly lose myself in its interface. Anim8or is easier to master, but it's almost impossible to use its texture tools.
To create the mushroom, I have used instead Wings3D and I must admit that it is a great tool. I put together a cylinder and a cone, shaped them a little and then layed down the triangles on a texture to color them in a paint program. If only Wings3D wouldn't be so slow when the number of triangles increases, I'll use it more frequently to create static models.


Jeff said...

turbosquid.com has a few free mushroom models and a lot that only cost a few dollars.

Leonardo said...

> turbosquid.com has a few free
> mushroom models...

I completely missed the free models at TurboSquid. One of them is uglier than mine, but the three mushrooms on a rock are very nice.
Thank you!