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Friday, July 11, 2008

Goldrake model

Yesterday I show some pictures of the Gundam-like robots available at InGame.de where a large collection of MD3 models is available, free to use in the old Quake III Arena.
Since we already made a big jump back in time, I recall another great japanese TV serie that I used to watch when I was a little child: Goldrake. Here is a screenshot of the giant robot driven by Actarus, always taken from InGame.de.

At the time of the TV serie, I coudn't imagine a videogame looking better than the cartoon itself (or better I coudn't imagine a videogame at all), but now it's even possible to create such a game at home, given enough programming skills and a free engine like APOCALYX. The result will not be comparable to commercial titles, but what a giant leap from the schematic ball and pads moving on a black & white TV screen of the seventies.

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