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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Users' Gallery

I know that the documentation of the engine is not simple to master. Probably I had to focus a little more on getting started papers, rather than big lists of functions. However I think that learn by example is a good way to... learn, so the source code of the demos is the best starting point for new users, if they already own intermediate programming skills. I provided a quite large number of demos on every possible topic, especially fundamental topics. I wrote also a few more complete game-like demos, but interesting examples were provided by advanced users, too. Visit the Users' Gallery to download a selection of users' demos.

For example, Miguel Manchego Rivas wrote Treasure Hunter, that is a side scroller shoot'em up demo. It performs an original use of the entities placed in a BSP level, a basic control of the avatar and shows hot to manage custom MD2 animated models.
Miguel provided also a demo about a third person view shooter with advanced jumps, more complete in comparison with my Urban Tactics, where the level is flat and jumps are not considered.
Then Robin Knight wrote a first person shooter demo with a large level, lot of enemies and powerups. The demo includes also an interesting tutorial.
If other users want to donate their demos and trials to the community, I'll be very happy to publish them on the APOCALYX site.
Thanks to all those who are going to contribute!

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