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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Backgrounds (II)

A few days ago I talked about the skyboxes available in APOCALYX. In reality there are different kinds of skyboxes, each of them useful in particular situations.
The most suggestive, already available in the first demos (read the post about the ancient origins), is the StarField, here shown behind the robots. It is a collections of points of several sizes and colors, that resemble stars, together with squares depicting galaxies or planets.

Apart the StarField and the Sky, that is a usual skybox - the inner of a closed cube, there are also the MirroredSky, the HalfSky, the SkyDome and the Stellarium:

  • the MirroredSky is useful when the ground is reflective, in fact the sky is repeated under the surface of the ground;

  • the HalfSky is similar to the MirroredSky, but the reflected sky is replaced by an uniform color;

  • the SkyDome replaces the cube with a hemisphere, in this case the colors of the sky are modified accordingly to the hour of the day or night, simulating the brightness of the sun at twighlight, dawn or noon.

  • finally, the Stellarium is an almost complete planetarium (read the "It's full of Stars!" post to know more)

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