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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Banners in Flash

Let's start a new topic a little off-topic for the main line of discussion of this blog: Utilities.
I had to write the flash-banner for a free game in development, the banner that you can see today on the left, and I never created one in the past (in fact, as you can see, the final result is not so professional). Anyway, I tought that some complex and expensive tools were necessary to put together things like that, but I was wrong.

I've found a simple program called PowerBullet, that in its 1.35 version is free to use. It can create flash presentations in a few clicks, in fact built-in buttons to advance presentations are already available, but it is useful also for create simple banners.
I promise that my next attempt will be better, but I think that the beginning is not so a bad.

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