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Monday, July 14, 2008

DataBase connections (II)

Thanks to users' requests the capabilities of APOCALYX grow more and more. Recently several users asked about the databases management capabilities of the engine, in particular they asked for MySQL support. The engine can already manage MySQL databases, but the necessary functions are not compiled in the default release of the engine, while ODBC support is. So I uploaded a version of the executable that you can download to get built-in MySQL support.
Another user asked for SQLite support. SQLite is a library that can manage SQL queries even in memory. This means that, if you want to store and retrieve structured information through SQL, you don't need to create an ODBC or MySQL database before: you can simply create your database in memory, or in a simple text file, thanks to the functions provided by SQLite and the Lua binding Lua-SQLite. To get an executable with SQLite support, use the same link that you've found above (includes both MySQL and SQLite).
I think that now the range of batabases management capabilities of APOCALYX is wide enough, but feel free to ask more.

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