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Monday, September 1, 2008

APOCALYX 3D Engine 0.9.3

The APOCALYX 3D Engine 0.9.3 release is finally available. It includes some improvements and bug fixes. To download the engine in a easy-to-get 60 Mb installer, or in smaller selected pieces, visit to the APOCALYX Official Site's Downloads page.

New features:

  • Added MDLModel functions: setTransition(), setTransitionTimer(), getStoppedTransition()
  • Added IM (Imaging Toolkit) support in IUP GUI
  • Added primitives: Cylinder, Disk, PartialDisk, Sphere
  • Added setPointerVisible(), isPointerVisible()
  • Added string.pack(), string.unpack()
  • Fixed bug in collisions between ODE objects and BSP geometry
  • Added support for Arbitrary Precision Math (MAPM)
  • Added support for Video Capture functions (experimental)
  • Added support for MySQL databases
  • Added support for SQLite databases
  • Removed AngelScript language support
  • Removed SMALL language support
  • Removed CSL language support

New demo (in full-installer):

  • Mushroom's Ride, that shows some of the engine features at work.

You can download the runtime of the engine and the demo packages from the Downloads page. For more detailed descriptions of the demos, visit the Demos page. Feel free to ask more about the new capabilities of the engine on the forums or by e-mail. Visit the APOCALYX Blog (this one) to read daily news about the engine and its development.


ezani said...

Bonjourno Leo!

Congratulations on your latest engine version! I look forward to using it!

Ezani from Malaysia

Leonardo said...

Ask for any help, if you need it.