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Friday, September 12, 2008

Spore prototypes

As you know, the long waited Will Wright's Spore game is on the shelves. There are quite different reviews about Spore, but I think that a game designed by the author of SimCity ans The Sims can't be so bad.

Anyway, I'm not interested in the game itself, but in its development prototypes that are available for free and learn a lot about the step moved towards the real thing.
In particular I'm interested in their interfaces, for example that of the Space prototype, the screenshot of which you can see in this post.

Here is the news release of the Spore prototypes from EA.

Play with our Prototypes
Spore has been a huge undertaking. Along the way we ended up exploring countless design directions in gameplay, simulation and user interface. One of the ways in which we explore possible design directions is by building simple, playable prototypes that we can play around with to get a sense for a particular system. Usually these prototypes are never seen by the public, but we thought some of the more intrepid players out there might enjoy playing around with a few of our early Spore prototypes. Keep in mind these are not tested, supported or even easily explained.


Addicting Games said...

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Leonardo said...

Thanks for your self-advertising comment ;)