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Sunday, September 21, 2008

MekaWars very early demo

Since a reader has asked for it, I have uploaded a very early demo showing the MekaWars simulator at work. Don't expect too much: it's only the 2D viewer that I used in the past four weeks to capture a few screenshots and demonstrate some of the simulator features.
You can download the MekaWars very early demo (1.5 Mb) from SourceForge. Just for blog readers' eyes only.

Here just a few notes follow to describe what is available in this very simple demo (read the included readme.htm file for more details).
First of all, let's explain how to play. MekaWars is not going to be an interactive space combat simulator: it is based on the same design of JRobots, thus it is a "programming-game", those games where players program the AI of their team of bots and then watch them fight against other players' teams.
In the demo, you can experience only a few features of the real simulator and the situation at the beginning is always repetitive: 2 fighters and 6 harvesters that always start from the same positions, while asteroids and resources change the position at random. In practice, you must fight against yourself to see some action.
To develop the pilots' AI, you must program in Lua the file 'pilota.lua', that already features a few lines of simple behaviors. In the readme.htm, you can read a short list of the available functions.
Feel free to ask for any additional explanation and stay tuned for more interesting, more complete and more playable demos.

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