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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Gun-Tactyx site is back

Waiting for MekaWars, I put online again the old Gun-Tactyx site.
It has been hosted at GameProg.it for years, but recently they modified their hosting policy and there is no more space for external projects.

I uploaded it for historical reasons only, in fact more than two years have passed since the last online Gun-Tactyx tournament. However, if you were addicted to Gun-Tactyx, you should consider to keep in touch with MekaWars, because its concept is very similar.
MekaWars renews the playability of Gun-Tactyx, extends the modularity of the units, but also simplifies the AI programming phase.

In practice, the main difference between Gun-Tactyx and MekaWars is in the programming language: Gun-Tactyx script were written in SMALL, while MekaWars adopts Lua (that is also the language in which the simulator is written).
The advantage to use Lua is in its versatile interpreter: it does not need a compilation phase, its syntax is simpler to master for beginners and it keeps all the advantages of the SMALL interpreter (full control on memory allocation, step by step execution of bytecode instructions, simulations completely reproducible).

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