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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Retro Remakes Contest 2008

When I heard of interesting competitions that involve the game development, I'm very happy to post news about them.
This one in particular is very intriguing because there are a lot of prizes, but also because the task is the development of games that has something to do, resemble or even clone, glorious games of the past.

The contest is divided into several categories, but all the entries partecipate also to the Grand Prize Competition. The categories are: 1) Retro Remakes, 2) Games That Weren't, 3) Sequels that weren't, 4) A Game For Helen, 5) 8 Bit Mashup, 6) We Like It Retro.
Here you can find the direct links to the categories, the rules and, finally... the prizes, just to wet your appetite.
The competition has already started in the past days and the submission line is around the beginnings of December, so you'd better to visit the site of RETROREMAKES for more info, if you are interested.

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