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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MekaWars' torpedos

After cannons with their bombs (read The Guns of MekaWars), another weapon has been implemented with its projectiles: torpedo-tubes and torpedos. Of course, those are only names to differentiate these two kind of weapons available to MekaWars' spaceships and fighters.
In the small radar-like screen shown in the screeshot, the white pixels correspond to bombs, while the red pixels to torpedos. You can see also a chain reaction: a row of mines that explodes in sequence.

As already explained, there are a lot of differences between bombs and torpedos:
the cannon shoots bombs at a maximum constant speed, while tubes may drop torpedos at any speed (up to a maximum), even zero speed (in that case they act as mines); the number of bombs is limited only to the amount of energy available, while torpedos are finite; the cannon can't shoot when the shield is active, while tubes can; bombs explode at the end of their run or when they hit an obstacle, while torpedos can explode after the activation time has expired and, after that, they react when hit or when a vehicle enters the activation range; bombs are not affected by other explosions, while torpedos, when activated, react to nearby explosions (as in the shown chain reaction).
So torpedos are more versatile than bombs and I'm sure that very advanced players will create smart pilots who, being hidden behind an asteroid, will make their torpedos bounce against other asteroids to hit enemies on the other side: That's A.I.!

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