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Saturday, June 28, 2008

APOCALYX 0.9.3 alpha2

I made some modifications to the engine, not enough yet to justify a new release. Anyway the blog readers can download here the new executable.

A description of the modifications:
  • The collision between ODE objects and BSP geometry is finally fixed. Try the demo "BallsOnTriMesh.lua", and you'll see that now the balls bounce correctly on the BSP level
  • The IUP GUI, now includes the IM Imaging Toolkit: this means that also images and icons can be displayed in a GUI created with IUP
  • Added a few new primitives: Cylinder, Disk, PartialDisk, and Sphere
  • the MDLModel has 3 new functions that are very useful to perform smooth transitions between different sequences
  • The AnimatedTexture class now contains functions to stop the animation and show specific frames
  • Added the functions setPointerVisible() and isPointerVisible()
  • Removed the AngelScript, SMALL and CSL scripting languages

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