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Sunday, June 1, 2008

NsEditor V0.3 released!

Great news from Nout! The last release of his game editor is available for download. Nout says:

NsEditor is a script editor customised for use with APOCALYX + it is a game framework, using entities, strongly tied with the editor. The idea for NsEditor was born about 2.5 years ago. The main driving force was to make it easier and faster to develop a game.
Want to give it a try? Then download the complete package at FileFront. For any questions or remarks, please use the APOCALYX forums, under Tools, NsEditor V03.

In most games, quite some features that are needed repeat. Eg. you often will need a player that can walk around, a weapon, pickable objects, a menu, controllable avatars, lights, moving objects, a HUD, a conversation or text message, collision detection etc. Entities are small pieces of code that own one of these functions and the framework is the core code that makes all these entities to correctly interact. With a rich library of entities, building a small and working game takes some hours (assuming you have the media available) rather then weeks. The framework is open and allows to interleave entities and standard coding.
The main features NsEditor brings are:

  • Script editor with multiple editor windows, syntax highlighting and function parameter list preview
  • GlGooey skinner build in
  • Media previewer build in
  • Entity property editors with picklists
  • Zip file support (adding, deleting, preview)
  • World Editor for APOCALYX (Goto, Select, Move, Rotate, Scale objects + Resize bounding box, top, side, front view, automatic BBox calculation etc.)
  • Function and variable lists for all entities, with a goto feature
  • A today still very poor working debugger (to be improved in the next release)
  • The full framework including about 40 entities, all of them open source
Thank you Nout for this great tool!

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