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Sunday, June 8, 2008

RPG environment (III)

It was a long struggle, but finally the poll has given its results: the background of the next RPG game that I'm going to develop, based on APOCALYX, is the Middle Earth-like.

The results are: Middle Earth-like (29), Ancient Japan (25), Buccaneers (11), Western Fronteer (11), Post-atomic (11), Roman Empire (9), Galactic Empire (6), Gangsters (5), Ancient Egypt (5), Arthurian cycle (3), Other (1). The latter was about a RPG based on several environments, where the player travel through the ages. A nice idea, but let's start from something less complex.
Since the stuff about the "Lord of the Rings" is copyrighted material, the game will roughly inspired by Tolkien's world, in practice we'll see the usual races of trolls, orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves and humans and, probably, the usual classes of wizards, warriors, merchants, craftsmen and so on.
Now I'm only collecting materials and ideas for the first demos, to convince someone to join the team. Of course, I still have to complete some projects that I have begun in the past weeks, but this is the right time to send suggestions and ideas on how to develop the best amatorial Role-Playing game based on a fantasy-medieval asset. Thank you in advance!

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