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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

RPG models

The head to head between Ancient Japan and Middle Earth-like continues. Only a few days remains, but it's already clear that the first RPG based on APOCALYX will be located in one of these two backgrounds. Waiting for a response, I'm already looking for good materials (scenery and models) to create the first demos of the game, in fact I'm going to develop the first tests using ready-made resources, to build only in a second phase the original models and scenery.
MDL models from "Pirates, Viking and Knights"

If the Middle Earth-like hypothesis will become true, I have already some good models from the "Pirates, Vikings and Knights" MOD for Half-Life 1 that you can see in the screenshot, then there are the usual MD2 models included in my Dragon's Ride, that are good enough to replace models on the orcs' side.
I'm looking also for mounted figures, but they seems very rare. I know only one: the Dragon's Knight by Magarnigal that you can see in the first post of this blog. Then I'm looking for some NPC, like blacksmiths or merchants, always useful.
It's a lot of material to be found, but I think that I should create some appealing demo showing the game mechanics, before trying to convince someone to work hard on a project and create new models and graphics. So, if you know any good animated models of japanese or european medieval theme in MD2, MD3, MDL, MS3D, Cal3D, or static models is 3DS or OBJ formats, tell me: I need them.

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