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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Finally I've found some spare time to spend on SOCCER TACTYX, just before the Euro2008 match between France and Italy. Now I'm implementing the API through which the players will program their team of bots. Thanks to Kr0meel, who designed the API, I can work on a well defined set of functions.

For example, there are several functions that control the movement of the bot, such as: SetWalkSpeed(), SetStrafeSpeed(), SetRotationSpeed(), Jump() and Dive(). Then there is an important action, Kick(), and several functions to communicate with the teammates. Finally, there are a lot of input functions, like GetBallPosition(), GetPlayerPosition() and others, that are absolutely necessary to the bots to be aware of the sorrouding environment.
Users, who know about JROBOTS or GUN TACTYX, are already familiar with this kind of API. In practice the bots interact with their environment through input functions, that mimic the sensors of a robot, and output functions, that represent the actuators of a robot. A simplification, in comparison with other similar games, is the complete knowledge of the position of the ball and players on the field: in other cases a Watch() function that returns the positions of the objects in a limited angle of view is returned, but in this case we adopted a solution easier to manage.
At the end, the player, who will write the best algorithm, is going to score more goals and win more tournaments. Win the best!

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