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Friday, June 27, 2008


As usually happens in the game industry, and in particular in my projects, I must announce that the planned release date of SOCCER TACTYX was too optimistic. I had desired to release it before the beginning of the European Football Championship (Euro2008), then I was happy to publish it before its end, now I plan to complete it before the next Football World Cup (2010). Jokes apart, I coudn't devote all the necessary time to the project, so I need a few more weeks to complete it.

However, since the beginning of the project a lot of interesting small improvements has been made, so the final release will be better that the one originally planned. To list only a few: MDL animations are now smooth, the IUP native GUI library revealed itself as a very powerful tool to create intuitive interfaces, a new scripting language was added to the engine.Yes, you need an additional amount of patience, but you are going to play SOCCER TACTYX as soon as... it will be ready.

1 comment:

Comix said...

Too bad!!! But since italy is now outside the championship I can wait... :-D

Keep up the good work!