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Friday, June 13, 2008

Cal3D models

Because of a comment to yesterday's post, I surprisingly discover that at least one user wants improvements on the Cal3D format support (probably more than one, as I can see in the results of the last poll).
I say "surprisingly" because until now I was aware of very little interest on this kind of format, that on the contrary I judge very good. I usually evaluate the popularity of a format considering the number of free models available on the internet, in fact being not a modeller, I often use free models for my demos. Years ago, when I included the Cal3D library in the engine, I also expected to find a lot of free Cal3D models available, but I coudn't find any. I realized that format was not so popular.

In practice, the only interesting models that I could find in that format were those three available in the demos of the library (the paladin, the skeleton and a female figure): not enough to build beautiful demos.

Anyway, some time ago, a user wrote a useful tutorial on the creation of Cal3D models in Blender and explained how to load them in APOCALYX. That tutorial is available in the Users' Gallery. I thought that was enough to renew the interest on this format but nothing happened.
Of course, if someone is really interested in an improvement of the Cal3D format can give his vote in the poll, but I'm also curious to see some new Cal3D models before, because it's easy to ask for this and that, but if no one is going to use a feature, I'm simply going to lose my time... and I have no time to lose.

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