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Friday, June 6, 2008

RPG models (II)

Still a few hours to wait to know the environment of the next RPG game based on APOCALYX. I foresee a brilliant victory of the Middle Earth-like background. So I'm still looking for good models to be used in the first demos as placeholders for the real brand-new ones.

In the screenshot you can see several models from the "Master Sword" MOD for Half-Life 1. As you can see, the dwarf model is a recycled version of the famous Psionic's dwarf model (you can already find it in a demo of the engine in MS3D format). Then there is a quite naive troll, a beautiful eagle, a frightening wolf and two swords. The MOD is huge in size because of a lot of scenery, but the good models are quite few, so the search continues.

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