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Sunday, June 22, 2008

NsEditor V3.1 is released!

Great news from Nout! After a few weeks from the first annoucement, another release of his game editor is available for download. Nout says:

NsEditor is a script editor customised for use with APOCALYX plus a game framework, using entities, strongly tied with the editor. Download now the new version of NsEditor!

In this version only minor improvements have been added and a few bugs are resolved:

  • The property editor keeps the picklists updated after changes are made to the zip file

  • Files are put in picklists selectively

  • ScriptFiles directly point to the script directory

  • A default tool directory was added

  • The APOCALYX screen starts by defualt with a larger screen size

  • A script file can be opened directly from the property window

  • etc...
Few updates have been made to the framework and a set of new entities is added

  • HUD: to display scores, health etc... in a graphical way

  • FlipBook: To show one out of multiple pictures by index, or the run a short animation, eg. an explosion

  • Menu: Shows an array of graphical buttons. Can be toggle, click or radio buttons. Can be used, eg. as popup menu, or selection menu

  • AviToTexture: enables to use avi's as a texture for a billboard or a texture for a splash screen in just a few clicks

  • Text3D: Add a 3D text to the scene

  • And some more small improvements where added into multiple existing entities
Thank you again, Nout, for this great tool!

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