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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Probably you think that I've forgotten "City Racing", but that's not true. Now I spend my spare time in the development of "SOCCER TACTYX" because this is the right period to take useful inspirations from the matches of UEFA Euro2008, but "City Racing" is always the next demo that I'm going to develop.
For what regards the car models performed in that demo, I've already chosen those shown in this old post, but I've recently found also these nice models in the "Transformers Q2" MOD for Quake2.

It's surprising to see these running cars or flying airplanes tranform seamlessly to fighting robots, so it's not a bad idea to archive these models and take them in consideration for a future demo.
Imagine a slow running robot that becomes a fast racing car: I don't know yet what it has to do with with a race in the streets of a towm, but at least it's amusing!

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