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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Indoor soccer field (II)

Just a short news to let you know that the SOCCER TACTYX development is in progress.
The playfield design by Kr0meel has almost got its final form. As you can see in the screenshot, the ceiling has become more complex and is full of lamps. There are also speakers at the corners (not visible here) from which players can listen at running commentaries.

You can also see the bots running all around, in fact finally they have got a goal in their life: blindly follow the orders of their creators. Actually, the more complex script simply chooses direction and speed at random, so the bots move quite erratically on the field, but I'm improving the sets of available functions. The complete set will include commands to make the bots run, jump, kick, see the field and goals, find the ball, friends and enemies, evaluate the available energy and so on. I think that a real working demo is not so far.

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