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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Model design (City Racing)

My second step in the development of “City Racing” (CR) is to look for a nice car model. This time I avoid to waste time in modelling something with Blender or MilkShape3D, because I tried too many time before and I know that my attempts are going to be frustrated again and again. There are already a lot of good car models out there and I will not use them for a commercial purpose, so let’s search on Google.

After a short search, I decided to use the Lamborghini-shaped car in MDL format, that you can see in the screenshot (and also in the logo already published days ago). It comes again from the models included in “The Specialists” MOD for Half-Life 1 (the same from which comes the Legionnaire for GUN TACTYX 2), so one can search more and more, but the sources of good models are always the same.
Of course, it’s a nonsense to use a format based on skeletons for a static model: a simple 3DS model would be enough, but there is no real reason to convert it. The model comes with 5 skins, so I can use a single model for all the racing cars, applying different skins.
Now only a few sound files are missing; once found all the resources will be available. Then I will jump deeply in the real demo development, the step that I prefer. Stay tuned for more news about the… making of “City Racing”.

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