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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Choose the next demo (POLL)

The first poll was very useful, in fact now I exactly know which is the best model and design for GUN TACTYX 2. There were two good kind of models that could fit well, but now one has been ruled out, thanks to the votes of the readers. It does not matter if “The Specialists” won only for a vote against “The Trenches” (14 to 13): the important thing is to choose… and move forward. The final development of the game is still going to take some weeks, but now it’s already the moment for a new poll.

Some demos of mine has been in development… for years! It’s time to complete them. But which is the best to start with? Or which is the next mini-game you want to put your hands on and read its sources? Let’s concentrate on three.
The first is “City Racing”, a fast paced race among speedy cars driven by AI and physics in a urban environment. The second is “Meteor Hunter”, a space battle in outer space between the fighters of the evil empire against the outnumbered rebels, the screenshots of which have been around for ages. The third and last is “Worm-Holes”, a clone of “Portal” (developed by Valve after “Half-Life 2” and “Team Fortress 2”, where the player can open and enter portals to solve incredible puzzles).
The first two are more classic demos, while the latter is almost impossible, because the engine does not include yet the technology to create those portals.
In the next days, I’ll describe in more detail the three choices. Anyway, it’s up to you: choose your preferred demo and I’ll develop it.

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