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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Soccer tactics

On occasion of the European Football Championship, I'm going to publish a preview of the new GUN TACTYX 2 framework, based on the models of the International Online Soccer MOD for Half-Life that you can see on the left. I've found those models a month ago (read the post) and I immediately thought that they were perfect for the soccer mode of the game.
The (real) european football championship is going to start and I'll try to finish the preview of the game in a hurry. The simulator will be a simplified version of what I had in mind since there is too few time for the complete version, but I hope that the players will appreciate the simple and neat functions needed to program their soccer team. To drive eleven players after a ball is not a simple task for a script, but nodoby says that these kind of games are accessible to everybody.
For those who don't know yet what kind of game GUN TACTYX is, visit the official site at GameProg.it.

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