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Monday, May 26, 2008

RPG Editor

Yesterday I opened another poll to choose among different backgrounds for the RPG game, based on APOCALYX, that I'm going to develop. In the meantime I received in a few hours some positive feedbacks about this subject. One of the most exciting comes from Nout, the author of the NsEditor (a quite old preliminary version is available on FileFront). He has recently improved a lot his editor strictly connected with APOCALYX (read, for example, this thread on the forums about recent changes) and he pointed out that the NsEditor and the related framework is tuned for Role-Playing type of games.
This is a good news for me, because to write a game completely from scratch is very time consuming, while Nout's editor and the related framework and entities help a lot. I always write my Lua scripts line by line, but it's time to learn some tool to reduce development time and not reinvent the wheel again!
Stay tuned for more news. Feel free also to send suggestions to my email address. Thank you in advance!

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