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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The GUIs

Waiting for the poll results (I can’t wait to know which is the next demo that I’m going to complete), let’s talk about one of the most recent features of APOCALYX: the GUIs.
Since the early beginnings, the engine included some basic features to draw text on the screen and get mouse feedback, of course. You can still see how that basic GUI worked in some of the more complex demos (I mean the list of choices listed in the main screen of “HoverjetRacing”, for example). That simple interface was very complex to manage, in fact the programmer had to control the user-GUI interaction in Lua code: no default behavior was available. Luckily, there are a lot of freely available open source GUI out there: I had only the problem to choose one that worked with the already existing framework.

I have tried nearly all the OpenGL-based GUIs available, to add one internal to the game window, and also native GUIs, to add one around the game window. Almost all my tries failed, for one reason or other, except three that revealed themselves as very good choices: TweakBar, GLGooey and IUP.
In the next days I’m going to describe them, so you can choose which of them fits best your particular needs.

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