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Friday, May 23, 2008

Simple Flight-Sim tutorial

In my navigations on the internet I have found another resource related to APOCALYX that I completely ignored. In the section of Game Related Tutorials of the University of Southern Queensland (Australia), there is a tutorial based on the Isle Fly-Through demo available in DemoPack0. As you can see in the screenshot, the sea is really bad looking, but soon it will be improved by a more realistic water surface.

The tutorial includes a description on how to develop a (fake) flight-simulator based on an old version of APOCALYX. The author says: "This download includes all the files your will need to get started using LUA script and the Apocalyx Game Engine. It includes a workshop booklet. We usually run this as a workshop for school students grades 6-12 who visit the university" (here is the ZIP file).
The author of the tutorial is Penny Baillie-de Byl, she is also the author of the book "Programming Believable Characters For Computer Games" that describes several techniques on programming NPC characters in computer games (summary on the book and sample chapters). The book performs several examples based on an old version of APOCALYX.

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