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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Choose the next game (POLL)

The last poll has given its answer. The next APOCALYX demo that I’m going to develop is “City Racing”. It has collected 10 votes against the 7 of “Worm-Holes” and the 2 of “Meteor Hunter”. In the next days, I’ll report step by step the progresses in its development, but it’s already the time for a new poll.
Now I’m not going to propose you to choose among a list of simple demos, nor between two set of models for a game already designed like GUN TACTYX 2. Now it’s time for a real game, the first real game that I’m personally going to program from the ground up, based on APOCALYX, of course.
Let’s start from the beginning. I’m going to ask you the most important thing: choose a genre. You can choose among the following short list, but you can also propose something different. In the last case choose “Other” and send an email with your idea: the crazier, the better.
Here is the list: First person shooter, Real time strategy, Role playing.
You choose the genre, but also can help, if you want: in that case contact me!

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