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Saturday, May 17, 2008

MS3D performances

A few weeks ago I made a comparison between the render speed of similar models in MS3D and MD3 format (read the post) and I realized that the engine can render a large number of MD3 models at the same frame rate of a small number of MS3D models.
One may ask if other 3D engines render MS3D models better. Read below to discover that… APOCALYX wins again!

Irrlicht above, APOCALYX below

In the screenshots above, you can see the same MS3D dwarf model rendered by Irrlicht (top) and APOCALYX (bottom). The Irrlicht’s picture is taken from the mesh viewer programmed in C++ of that engine, while the APOCALYX’ picture is rendered by the Lua demo “ModelMS3D” included in DemoPack2 (I simply removed the shadow and the terrain, because the Irrlicht viewer does not show any of the two, only the skybox).
In conclusion, which are the results? APOCALYX beats Irrlicht 330 fps against 320. Well, let’s say it’s a draw, but this comparison says that the MS3D viewer included in APOCALYX is as good as the one of Irrlicht.
We get another surpsising results: an engine developed by a single coder can compete against more advertised engines developed by a team of programmers. For other surprising results read the comparison between the BSP viewer of Irrlicht and APOCALYX and the BSP viewer of Ogre3D and APOCALYX.

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