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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Worm-Holes demo

The third and last proposed demo is “Worm-Holes”, a Valve’s "Portal" clone. Well, it’s not a real clone, since I’m going to develop only a demo, but the idea is to implement those portals in the engine, even if they are not useful in other kind of games.
If you know Portal, you already have an idea of what I mean. In practice, I want to open two holes in the walls from which the player can see the same scene from different points of view. Moreover, the player can move through those holes, or push other objects through, performing almost impossible actions with coherent physics. As I have already said, the demo will not be a complete game, because the implementation of such a device in the engine is far from complete, but I want to show at least a demonstration of some possibilities.
Starting from here, you can imagine worm-holes that enlarge or reduce the player, or other that make it travel forward or backward in time, but I must say that… your imagination walks too fast!
If you want to see these hyper-portals in action in APOCALYX, vote for “Worm-Holes”.

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